Career Point Patna Leaders
Asif Iqbal
IIT Bombay, B.Tech & M.Tech,
Mechanical Engineering
(1999 - 2004)

"True education is not the learning of facts but training the mind to think". Through Carrier Point, we would be creating the environment, the expertise, and the guidance needed for our students to succeed in the toughest engineering and medical entrance examinations of the country. We firmly believe that our life experiences will allow these young students to not just succeed in their mission of becoming an engineer or a doctor but also shape their bright young minds to become global leaders of tomorrow. We want our students to truly excel throughout their journey and succeed in their respective mission. Afterall, our reality is a reflection of our strongest beliefs and we promise to create this institute one of the Best Coaching Institute For IIT JEE and Medical In Patna for every parent's trust and hopes and ambition of their child.

Through my life and experiences as an entrepreneur and academician, I have come to realise that a productive and illustrious life comes from a continuous process of competing with yourself. You are your best companion, confidante, critique and competition. Education is the process of enabling you to compete with yourself, thereby helping you become a better version of yourself every day. With Carrier Point, the next couple of years will be definitive in the professional you become. We are with you in that journey, every step of the way. Here, your dream is our passion. What keeps us motivated in this journey is the desire to make you touch your own genius. It is therefore our continuous endeavour to create performers out of our students through a carefully designed pedagogy.Our work can assure you we are one of the Top IIT Coaching In Patna

Kunal Sharma
IIT Bombay, B.Tech. (2000 - 2004)
Saurabh Saxena
IIT Bombay, B.Tech & M.Tech,
Metallurgical Engineering
(1999 - 2004)

As an IIT alumni, I understand this arduous journey in a student's life. Hence, we are passionate about creating a culture of academic performance which should become a benchmark for the education industry. We are happy that in our quest to give students the best preparation for medical and engineering entrances, we are aided by Career Point, an institute par excellence and the leading institute for engineering and medical entrance success. The well-researched, dynamic, and highly customized study material from Career Point Patna, combined with resources, technology, we are confident about the success of our students' in any course that they undertake. We believe that it is now time to repay for whatever the society and the state have given us.