India's Most Awaited NCERT Based Test Series 2023-24

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Why Choose Our Test Series?

Assessment of Knowledge

Test series help assess your understanding of the subject matter and your level of preparedness.

Time Management

They enable you to practice time management, which is crucial during actual exams.

Exam Simulation

Test series simulate the actual exam environment, reducing anxiety and helping you become familiar with the exam pattern.

Identification of Weaknesses

They highlight your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus on areas that need improvement.


Regular testing encourages revision, reinforcing what you've learned.

Confidence Building

Scoring well in test series can boost your confidence and reduce exam-related stress.

Progress Tracking

They provide a measurable way to track your progress over time.


Some test series adapt difficulty levels based on your performance, ensuring you're continually challenged.

Ranking and Competition

They allow you to gauge your performance compared to others, motivating healthy competition.


Detailed analysis of test results can offer valuable feedback, guiding your study strategy.

Strategy Refinement

Test series help you refine your exam-taking strategies.

Real-time Evaluation

You can evaluate your performance in real-time, adjusting your approach as needed.

Who Are Our NEET Mentors ?

Dr. Ashish Jha

Academic Mentor & Advisor Physics Faculty

(Doctorate in Physics)

University Gold Medalist

11+ Years Experience

Shashi Kant

Physics Faculty


5+ Years Experience

Yogesh Bhardwaj

Chemistry Faculty

(Masters in Chemistry)

10+ Years Experience

Piyush Bhadani

Chemistry Faculty

(Doctorate in Chemistry)

9+ Years Experience

Dr. Shubham Raj

Biology Faculty

(B.H.M.S. MD)

9+ Years Experience

Dr. Kumari Vijaya

Biology Faculty

(M.Sc. | B.Ed. | PhD)

10+ Years Experience

Ragini Tiwari

Biology Faculty

(Masters in Biology)

9+ Years Experience

Mini Singh

Biology Faculty

(PhD in Biotechnology)

4+ Years Experience

Who Are Our JEE Mentors ?

Amit Kumar

Maths Faculty

Amir Ali Khan

Maths Faculty

Prabhat Kumar Tiwari

Maths Faculty